Marmaris-Bodrum-Marmaris (two weeks)

    We would like to inform you about our “Marmaris – Bodrum – Marmaris” course which is one of our two weeks courses. Within this two weeks you will spend on the boat, you will be involved in various activities and enjoy the sea and the sun at the same time.

For further information on the unique bays to be visited and various activities and events to be held during the section of our course till the port of Bodrum, you may read about our course " Marmaris – Datça – Marmaris". One of the bays you will be able to visit on our course which will continue through Bodrum will be the English Harbour located inside the Gulf of Gökova. At this point where you can enjoy the sun and the sea, you may see the famous mermaid statue positioned Located in the middle of the Okluk Bay.

Our next stops after the Gulf of Gökova will be the Okluk and Tavşanburnu Bays. You will be have the opportunity to do a variety of water sports at these points which are located very close to the port of Bodrum. After visiting these bays where you become clean of stress and fatigue, the port of Bodrum will welcome you with all its colors.

Having many traces from antique ages, Bodrum will be a pleasant stop for your holiday with its famous castle, colorful nightlife and bustling bazaars where you can find various products. We recommend you to visit the castle which is used as the Museum of Underwater Archaeology today. The Mausoleum, one of the world's seven wonders, was also built in Bodrum. However, it was ruined by earthquakes throughout the years and its stones were used in the construction of the castle. Your stroll in Bodrum will provide you with historical and modern tracks.

During the return trip to Marmaris after leaving Bodrum, you will encounter with ideal bays for diving to explore water sports and underwater. Among these alternatives are Palamutbükü, Koca Bahçe and Kuzbük. If you wish, you may also enjoy your drinks with an exquisite sunset view in Tavşan Adası and Çomcalık bays.

Another one of our last stops before arriving at the port of Marmaris is “Bozukkale (Loryma)”. The castle tour to be held in Bozukkale will be a very convenient spot for historical and cultural acquirements. The castle which evokes the impression of being a defense unit of the opposite shore of Rhodes has a well-preserved and intact condition with its bastions. The fact that the castle is named as "Bozukkale (literally "Ruined Castle" should not be associated with the belief that the castle is partly ruined. Following the Bozukkale tour, our last anchor point will be Cennet island. The last diner you will have there will prove you how quickly the 2-week holiday has passed.

You will end your blue voyage at the port of Marmaris as purified from all your stress with a soothed body and you will feel the excitement while talking about any moment you had in your unforgettable holiday.

Wishing you a holiday that you'll never forget and get excited while remembering every moment …


Marmaris Söğüt Aktur Çökertme Bay
Paradise Island Çomçalık Bay Datça Mazı Bay
Kumlubük Bozburun Kargı Bay Kisebükü Bay
Kadırga Dirsekbükü Knidos Orak Island
Gebekilise Kocabahçe Seven Islands Yalıçiftlik
Arap Adası Kamelya Island Küfre Bay Akvaryum Bay
Serçe Port Selimiye Tuzla Bodrum
Bozukkale Orhaniye English Harbour  
Oğlanboğuldu Bencik Cleopatra Island