Marmaris-Kekova-Marmaris (two weeks)

    One other of our route options you may prefer during which you can enjoy the sea, sun and the unique paysage to your heart's content is our two weeks "Marmaris – Kekova - Marmaris" tour. This course in which you can participate in various activities starting from the port of Marmaris will render your holiday unforgettable with the turquoise bays of the Maditerranean Sea.

Your blue journey which will start with an overnight stay in the Kadırga bay will continue with the sea breaks to be given in Ağa Port and Turunçbükü. Another option that you may visit while making towards the South can be Ölüdeniz with its famous landscape. If you wish, you can experience this magnificent landscape by the minibuses pulling away from Fethiye.

While your tour makes towards one of the lovely towns of Antalya, Kaş, you can give color to your journey by doing various water sports in the Gemiler and Yeşilköy bays. You will have an overnight stay at the port of Kaş and unwind your sweet fatigue in this lovely town after a busy day. Kaş surrounded by many unknown antique settlement areas will offer you a peaceful night.

The Gökkaya, Kaleköy, Bayındır bays where you can enjoy the sea and the sun and do water sports and Kalkan which is famous for its white walled houses where you will spend the night before the port of Fethiye will take away all the stress you were exposed throughout the year.

Once you arrive at Fethiye, you will have many alternative activity options. You can buy sea fish from the fish markets in the downtown of Fethiye which are not common in our country, have them cooked in restaurants there and create a diner alternative for yourselves. Fethiye is also a point that offers various adventurous activities. If you wish, you can do paragliding by jumping from a height of 1700 meters at the summit of Babadağ and do canyoning for relaxing your muscles and sweating off.

After leaving the port of Fethiye, the magnificent Göcek bays will be waiting for you with their turquoise colors. The Yassıca islands considered among the unique beauties of the world, the Batıkhamam bay which hosts ruined hammam from antique ages in its depths, Sarsala and Boynuzbükü will offer you memorable moments during you journey.

Your return trip to the port of Marmaris will also be at least as colorful as your outward journey. Depending on the seasonal conditions, the bonito fishes that you may catch during your round trip can accompany you. You will have the chance to read the books you postponed reading until today against a breathtaking view. Panço bay, Merdivenli, Binlik bay and Domuz Island will be the right stops for such activities.

Towards the end of your blue journey; Ekincik, Kumlubük and Cennet Island will be our last stops before the port of Marmaris. We also would like to remind you that you will have the chance to explore Dalyan, an antique Carian City, once we arrive at Dalyan. You will end up your holiday as refreshed by enjoying the sea and the sun to your heart’s content with your family.

Wishing you a holiday that you'll never forget and get excited while remembering every moment …


Marmaris Manastır Bay Ölüdeniz
Paradise Island Binlik Bay Kalkan
Kumlubük Hamam Bay Kaş
Kadırga Port Bedri Rahmi Bay Limanağzı Bay
Ekincik Bay Yassıca Islands Kaleköy
Dalyan Göcek Üçzağız Bay
Aga Harbour Fethiye Kekova
Tersane Island Turunçpınarı Gökkaya
Domuz Island Gemiler Demre